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Southern Fruits and Food Processors LTD  (SFFP) was incorporated in Jamaica in 1989. Its operations include the processing of ackee, callaloo, mango nectar, carrot juice, tomato ketchup, jerk seasoning, jerk sauces, fruit & vegetable purees, crushed escallion and pepper mash. These products are locally distributed under the company-owned Village Pride label and exported to international markets under the Southern Fruits label. The company also has private label agreements with several food distribution companies in the USA and the Caribbean.
SFFP has had a favorable impact within its community. The company employs approximately 170 workers and is a valuable outlet to farmers in five parishes across rural Jamaica.  Indirect employment is also provided to approximately 200 additional workers who are engaged in the procurement of raw materials that are supplied to the factory.
SFFP is committed to continuously improving its operations and technology. The company is grateful for the support it received in 2013 and 2018 from the European Union and the Caribbean Export Development Agency via the European Development Fund and the Direct Assistance Grant Scheme (DAGS). Through DAGS, the company improved its marketing, and also purchased several pieces of equipment including a 12-kW photovoltaic system comprised of 44 solar panels.
SFFP operates under the most rigorous quality standards. The company utilizes the HACCP programme of food safety management for all product lines and its manufactured products are FDA approved. The company’s vision is “To establish our brand as the number one choice for processed fruits and vegetables by offering a diverse product range with the best quality and taste.”
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